International Agriculture Conferences 2023


Agriculture is often said to be the backbone of the countries. But in reality, agriculture is the backbone of every living being.

Do agriculture conferences fail?

A conference would fail due to various factors when the study objectives are away from the given theme. Crops, fiber, raw materials, and food products are consumed in every part of the world. They are imported, exported, and locally consumed. But, why does there seem to be a drop in their quality? Why people are afraid to consume GMO crops? It is the responsibility of the researcher, the organization, the funding agency, and the government to provide good inventions which would eventually show a good impact. Questions need to be raised if the ideologies don’t align with the welfare of the consumers, where the consumers include people flora, fauna, and the environment.

These could be practiced in recognized conferences. When conferences don’t have those, they do fail.

What's holding back the agriculture industry?


People become cautious when it comes to food and hence we could the trend of organic farming, terrace farming, and hydro-farming. The concern is not just nutritious food, but rather a food that has no future side effects. People do complain about fruits and vegetables that are grown with harmful pesticides, preservatives, products from genetically modified organisms, and inappropriate fruiting methods.

Reduced man-power                                                                                

Incorporating AI, machine learning, and robotics in agriculture is one such good application. As there are two sides to a coin, they bring down manpower. Not every farmer could afford a robot! With no proper manpower, field agriculture is disturbed. As the rural population mainly depends on agriculture to earn their bread, the implication of such technologies would shrink the manpower.